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"The world's a twisted place"...Waynes World

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"I got a toupee on my mind"

"I might be a chicken but I'm not an animal"



"Crappy Nappy I feel Happy"

"Mullets are back!

C'mon. It's time!"

"grunge is back!

well you know, it's sort of grungy. In a way. Is it? I mean who the fuck wants grunge back anyway? It's dead. It's fucking dead!"



(if for some reason not working just email at the address at the bottom of the page)

We're a bunch of wankers who can't sing and can't play our instruments.

Like the Spice Girls with moustaches.

Why not buy our album here?!


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Guide Dog's Music

Body Shame (And The Ministry Of Loneliness)


3rd Single off Album 2:

'Generation Y'

Digital Release:

2nd July 2019 on Hi-Vis


1st Single off Album 2:

'Dead Beat'

Digital Release:

31st December 2018 on Hi-Vis


2nd Single:

'Egos With Genitals'

Digital Release:

8th December 2017 on

Hi-Vis Records. Includes new b-side 'Bin Juice'.

Debut Single:

'I Am The Daddy'

Digital Release:

16 June 2017 on

Hi-Vis Records

2nd Single off Album 2:

'Generation Y'

Digital Release:

15th March 2019 on Hi-Vis


   Debut Album:

'Lovely Domestic Bliss'

   Digital Release and 12" Vinyl OUT NOW!on Hi-Vis Records

- buy / listen:        


Hub Fest 2019- Cardiff - The Moon Club, Cardiff

Sat August 24th 2019. On stage 9:25pm



Guide Dog's Gigs




Golden. Brown. Red. Everything's falling. Everyone's feeling again. Kids are back to school. Mist in the mornings. Out with the old. In with the catarrh. Feed the dog. Watch him shit.


Anyway...making new music again! "You Could Make This Up" is the first track. Going to record this next album myself and make it a keeper as I go.

The 12" vinyl for the debut album - Lovely Domestic Bliss - is here to buy now:

It's all good!

Few videos coming soon for 'Ego's With Genitals' and 'Sir Yes Sir' and going to release them with b-sides.

(p.s. anyone got any gigs you want us to play, hit me up on the email! As you can see, we've run out..)


Hello! Welcome to the new website. So just to fill you in I've started a label called Hi-Vis Records through this marvellous thing called Ditto. I recommend it to anyone putting out their own music. For 100 quid you get your own 'record label in a box' and your music gets released for you on all online platforms. Seems like a lot of platforms but you know, it's got your standard Spotify and iTunes on there so that'll do.

Regarding the 12" vinyl release, that'll be available through Bandcamp ( The sketch with the vinyl is that it takes about 10-12 weeks for it to be cut and pressed up! So rather than waiting around for that before releasing it at all, I thought just get it out there (July 7th) and if you just want digital you can (on any platform), and if you wanna buy the vinyl (on Bandcamp), you get the digital download version immediately as a bonus and then get the vinyl in the post when they arrive. Obviously I'll keep you posted on it's progress as it goes! But at least you get the free download to have it while you wait. As I'm submitting the music on Wednesday then it should arrive mid-August at the lastest. Sound like a plan?

So that's the crack with that. Me ol' mucker Trevor Bittinger is putting the artwork together for it. There's a special little surprise in there which I won't spoil for you now!

So we're going to do a gig for the release of the album in the Welsh Club. Again, you won't actually be able to buy the vinyl at that because it won't have arrived, which admittedly is a bit shit but I suppose that's the world we live in now isn't it. Most media only has a virtual physical presence. But, I am making 24x24" posters of the album cover to give away for free so hopefully that'll stop you getting violent.

Anyway, please join the mailing list and email below if you fancy.

And cheer up for fuck's sake! Grunge is back! See you soon...Pete

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